hi, i'm rae. 



i offer coaching that actually fucking works to entrepreneurs who want to share their gifts with the world without sacrificing their vision or their integrity.

let's get you rich, hey?

this container is the most transformative, most intimate way to work with me. the process 1:1 is for individuals who are already well-versed in awareness work, and who are ready to dive deeply into their own Becoming. it requires a high level of personal power, and it is only for those who are willing to take radical responsibility for their thoughts, words, actions, and impact.

wild embodiment is a vibrant online community, open to anyone who has purchased any of my courses. there, you can browse months of video content, participate in challenges, and meet like-minded people. there are also weekly Q&As that provide a rare opportunity to receive insight from me (for free). all new offers will be released there first, and WE community members receive special prices and payment options.

if you’re newer to awareness work, or if you’d like to deepen your understanding in a specific area, i recommend one of my courses. each course provides you with a solid understanding, clear direction for your journey, and practical tools you can use right away. they are designed so that the work will always meet you where you are and grow with you as your understanding deepens.

if you're here, i'm going to guess a few things are true...

you're not exactly new to awareness work. maybe you've had a practice of yoga or meditation. could be breathwork, tapping, or sound healing. or perhaps it's coaching, therapy, or some other avenue of personal development. it could be a blend of east and west, modern and ancient, or it could be a devotion to one, specific lineage.

some would say you're "a seeker."

and for all it's done for you, i'm guessing that your exploration has raised more questions than it has answered. questions that are often more intricate than most are willing to contemplate.

i'm guessing your questions have often been met with thought terminating clichés or platitudes. questions about the complexities of this human experience that require more than just talking, affirmations, or even thinking differently.

questions that by merely asking, invite us to be. differently.

i challenge the notion that our work and our worth is in having "the right answer." and i posit that a heartfelt question offers us a more fertile space for growth than the stagnation of a concrete answer ever could.

my work lives on a foundation of over a decade's worth of seekership, intensive study and inquiry, and in steadfast devotion to never allowing myself to feel as though i've "arrived" or "discovered" or "found" anything.

this is to say, the work we create together, exists richly and bravely in the boundless possibility of this now moment.

i offer diverse tools and unique, nuanced perspectives that can be implemented for your expansion in any way you choose. after all, energy is energy is energy. 

holding you respectfully in your expansion, i empower you to decide how we use our time together. 

i can't tell you what to do, but to inspire you, here are a few ways clients have benefitted from this work:

✨ cultivating and sustaining financial abundance
✨ connecting with one's erotic divinity by overcoming shame and embracing an embodied experience
✨ healing deeply habituated patterns of scarcity, lack, self-doubt, and guilt
✨ stabilizing and grounding into an unshakable sense of self-worth
✨ starting or scaling a business in a conscious, aligned way
✨ eliminating "industry standard" tactics of manipulation within an existing business
✨ navigating the multi-faceted and fluid nature of identity
✨ leaving a relationship (personal or professional) that is no longer resonant
✨ calling in a soul-aligned, vibrant romantic partnership
✨ solidifying boundaries and fortifying skills of clear, honest communication
✨ cultivating a sense of safety within your own body and life
✨ learning to live and create from joy, freedom, and overflow

lemme slide into your inbox.

i find email to be incredibly intimate. there i share longer form musings that i don't share anywhere else, early offers, and a few other little surprises.

does all of this sound too good to be true?


my question for you is this: is the lapse in trust with you, with me, or with the All That Is?

trust is built over time through incremental risk and payoff. if the 1:1 option isn't alive for you in this season, consider taking our awareness quiz, joining a course, or following me on social media.

if something in you knows that our work together starts now, the application for my 1:1 is below.

1:1 application