hi bb, i’m rae!

i’m a quantum riffing, mindset shifting, rebel mentor whose work lives at the intersection of money, sex, and the infinite.  

welcome to a space that was built to help you step into your own sweet Becoming. i offer heart-expanding, mind-shifting courses that help humans to human better! 

get ready to show up...
in your body.
in your breath.
in your relationships.
in your bed.
in your work.
in your life.

because hiding doesn’t make you invisible.

show the actual fuck up.
for you.
as you.
and watch your life blossom.

if you want to learn how to call in your soulmate, build your dream life, and manifest the wealth and richness that you truly are, well let me tell you, the only thing between you and those radical changes is a radical shift of mindset! i'm not going to offer you fake results, take credit for your wins, game-ify life, or make promises to you that if you just “learn the codes” you can “exit the matrix” and basically somehow get out of the human experience. i'm not that kind of coach.

but if what you are seeking is a guide back to your truest, highest self, then this is an invite to...

take your fucking power back.
take your pleasure back.
take your desire back.
take your integrity back.
take your well-being back.

and what i can offer you is tips, tools, techniques and actionable steps to do exactly that...

if you want to live a life on fire,
you cannot be afraid to burn.



this container is the most transformative, most intimate way to work with me. the high priestex 1:1 is for individuals who are already well-versed in awareness work, and who are ready to dive deeply into their own becoming. it is not 101 level work. it is for those who are willing to take radical responsibility for their thoughts, words, actions, and impact.

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If you’re newer to awareness work, or If you’d like to deepen your understanding in a specific area, i recommend taking one of my courses. Each course provides you with a foundational understanding, clear direction for your journey, and practical tools you can use. Each course is a balance of information and insightful questions so that the work will always meet you where you are.

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wild embodiment is a vibrant online community, open to anyone who has purchased any of my courses. there, you can browse months of video content, participate in challenges, and meet like-minded people. there are also weekly q&as that provide a rare opportunity to receive free coaching and insight from me. all new offers will be released there first, and WE community members receive unique prices and payment options.

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if money is your jamsauce (isn't it everyone's?) then sex & money is a powerful transmission that will transform your money story and your mindset. in this course, i'll share with you the steps that i personally took to go from five-figure debt to six-figure success. 

if you're healing your relationship you yourself (a lifelong journey) then shift happens, my meditation and manifestation course will teach you exactly what inner work i did to transform my own relationship history and what i transcended to call in my soulmate fully aligned resonant (all the things) partner.

if you are newer to awareness work, then the beginner's bundle is the perfect place to get started. no word salad. just concepts and techniques explained clearly and easily so you can jump into this work (and even find out what the work actually is and how to know if it's working?)

and for those of you who are well-acquainted with this work, who have a regular practice and are ready to dive deep, then there is my 1:1 container, offered as a VIP weekend, or as a 3-month commitment to yourself.



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