1:1 coaching
1:1 coaching


an intimate journey of guided meditation, loving awareness,

and 1:1 coaching to reawaken your animal heart and bring out your inner magic.

available remote or in-person! (in Mexico)

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you can relax.

you can surrender.

you can receive.

you can trust 


if you’re into this work, my work, it’s because your vision for yourself and the world is bigger than you.
so big that you barely let yourself sit with it for fear it will crush you.
so you overwork or you under sleep or you disrespect your own boundaries or you undervalue your work or you can’t keep any promises to yourself…
all in an attempt to drown out the knowing that continues to call to you.
hate to (truly, i love to) tell you babe, but the call? it’s coming from within.
and there’s not a damn thing you can do to shut it up.
but what you can do?
you can be brave enough to model self-respect and personal responsibility.
you can give more energy to your calling, to that which is alive in you, than you give to your worries or your fears or your past.
you can be radical enough to actually EMBODY the version of you who lives in the world you say you’re actively trying to create.
without needing the world to change.
without needing someone to agree with you.
without needing a guarantee.
without validation.
without knowing how.
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let this be a gift to yourself

let it be an opportunity to connect to your truest essence in a space that is safe, healing, and neutral. a space where there is nothing else that requires your attention. a space that is a container for your Becoming. 

i dare you to say yes to yourself.
i dare you to go all in.
i dare you to stop telling yourself who you think you need to be so that you can be delighted by the gift of who you are.

let it be an opportunity to surrender

because when you learn to surrender.
when you learn to let go of what no longer serves. when you learn to breathe. when you learn that your stillness is more powerful than any forceful momentum. when you learn that you already have, know, and are everything you need. when you learn to be more in love with your Becoming than you are attached to the limiting stories of your past...
every single facet of your Being gets to sing, to grow, to take shape, to heal, to be fed by the well-spring of your life’s divine flow.
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Your choice of either 1 or 2 nights at a hotel 

(this can be in your home city, or further afield)

this is an opportunity to step away from your day-to-day and dive deep into the layers of your awareness and mindset work, with me guiding you through the process. i'll organise all the details for you, you just need to arrive at the hotel, ready to surrender, ready to be present, and ready to awaken the potency and wisdom that already lives inside of you.

1:1 private coaching (8 or 12 hours)

i will be there to guide you through the entire weekend. learning to honor your Becoming can be ecstatic. it can be wonderfully liberating. but, because it also means learning to let go of your well-worn habit patterns that no longer serve, it can also be scary. so i'm here to help. you can trust that every step of the way, i will hold space to see, hear, and honor you in all of your humanness. 

personalized guided meditations (custom-made for you)
you may already know this, but meditation has been one of the most transformative practices of my entire life. by slowing down and surrendering into the practice of meditation, you cultivate awareness, breathe into the present moment, release energetic blocks and create space to connect to your highest self. but meditation is a deeply personal practice and every individual is uniquely different in what works or doesn't work for them. these meditations are completely personalized just for you, offering you the skills and techniques to reach the deepest levels of your conciousness. 
some extra perks (plus a few surprises!)
this is a weekend to treat yourself, so i'm throwing out alllllll the stops! a spa treatment is included, and i'll be surprising you with some extra things too!
join remote or in person (in Mexico)
this is an open invite to join me for the weekend in person, in mexico city. this is not for everyone, but if mexico happens to be a short flight away for you, and you're keen for something different, for the first time ever i'd like to open my 1:1 container in person. i'll also take you for dinner at my fave restaurant in cdmx ;)
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hi, for those of you who don't know me, i'm rae dohar. this work is truly a gift for me and it is an honor to be able to share it with you. my work is about empowerment, about giving you back to yourself and so i'm so glad that you could be here to invest in your own internal Knowing. 

so how did i get here? two years ago i  was broke and working ten hours a day, six days a week, across three different jobs.

so what changed?

ME. obviously.
i realized no one from inside of my favorite podcasts was going to pop out of my headphones (the ones that plug in because i definitely could not have afforded airpods) to save me.
no one was coming to give me permission.
and no one was coming to congratulate me for anything i had done.
if i wanted to be an inspiration to others, i had to live a life that inspired ME first.
i had to learn to shine brightly enough that i lit up my own life from within.
i had to stop giving my fucking power away.
i had to drop the entitlement that someone else should give me a break or see me when i was not willing to see myself.
i had to let go of a neediness around clients choosing me, taking a risk on me, when i was not taking any risks on myself.
i had to put myself out there — i still do — when no one was cheering me on.
and what did i learn? 
that you have to stop waiting for someone else to tell you what you can be, do, or have.
and stop making excuses for why you can’t.
because if you want a life on fire? you have to start actually LIVING it.



+ 1 full day / or 2 days of 1:1 coaching
+ personalized guided meditations custom made for you
+ spa service and hotel perks!
+ some extra surprises!
+ open invite to join me in-person in mexico or take part remotely

✨ oh i'm ready! ✨