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i'm rae, your cruise director for this wild ride. ☺️ and i'm sooooooooo happy you're here. (seriously!)
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no but really.
so many people assume what it’s like to work with me, or what my private life is like. like i wake up every morning to a cosmic orgy, have a 2 hour session of sacred orgasmic dance, insert 3 yoni eggs into my hoohoo while eating a smoothie bowl*, and after that, i spend all day telling people how to give handjobs.
the truth is i wake up every morning to a jack russell terrier licking my face, followed by a cup of black coffee and my meditation cushion.
as for the hands? the “actual sex” exists downstream. if i can show you how to identify your desires, how to communicate with integrity, and how to receive...i think you and your partner/s can figure out the hand stuff.
💥sex isn’t inserting an outie peeper into an innie peeper.
💥it’s not a series of positions or an order of operations (some PEMDAS shit). it’s not a race to a finish or a box to tick.
✨sex is an energetic threshold so powerful i can’t even write the full word without fear of being hashtag shadowbanished.
✨it exists in a breath, in a gaze, in a moment of connection.
it’s not limited by your grade school understanding of arousal. that tingling between your legs is the smallest opening to a portal that takes you through and beyond the body and connects you to something so wild, so human, so divine, most can’t even imagine.
so yes i give a great HJ. 🤷🏻‍♀️  but i learned through breath, through worship, through love. not through technique. techniques can help. i mean they’re amazing. but not if you don’t already have a sincere and solid foundation.
so that’s really the work. and because that’s the work — alignment, sovereignty, integrity, receptivity, honesty — i coach on a lot of things.
things that can look like business. money. food. family dynamics. friendships. codependency. insecurity. shame. fear. guilt. stuckness. and of course, a bit of quantum physics. but i mean...i’m sure youtube has some free tutorials. if that’s what you’re looking for. 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️
*also what tf is a smoothie bowl?? why is your smoothie so tired she needs to lie down?? i have so many questions.

instead of being in the how, can you shift into the now?




this container is the most transformative, most intimate way to work with me. the high priestex 1:1 is for individuals who are already well-versed in awareness work, and who are ready to dive deeply into their own becoming. it is not 101 level work. it is for those who are willing to take radical responsibility for their thoughts, words, actions, and impact.

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If you’re newer to awareness work, or If you’d like to deepen your understanding in a specific area, i recommend taking one of my courses. Each course provides you with a foundational understanding, clear direction for your journey, and practical tools you can use. Each course is a balance of information and insightful questions so that the work will always meet you where you are.

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wild embodiment is our totally free online community. there, you can browse months of video content, participate in challenges, and meet like-minded people. there are weekly q&as which provide a rare opportunity to receive free coaching and insight from me. all new offers will be released there first, and WE community members receive unique prices and payment options.

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