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sex & money is a powerful transmission that will truly change lives (and already has). more than a course, it's a guide to forget everything you (think you) know about money. because you are allowed to be well. you are allowed to be loved. you are allowed to receive more joy, more money, more happiness. not because you’ve suffered. just because you are. so ask for more.

receive it into your bones.
and make fucking magic.

✨ i'm ready for more! ✨

learn how to cultivate wealth and abundance in every aspect of your life, and unlock techniques that will allow you to manifest more than just wealth...because you can dream bigger. This course is for you if you are ready to step into your purpose and live a life of greater alignment, joy, and magic.

get clear on your true purpose and start putting into effect steps and actions that are going to change dreams into reality. your desires are a gift and this course will show you how to use them to create transformations not only in your life, but in the lives of those around you too. 

de-program limiting beliefs around money that have been holding you back and discover tools and practices that will change your relationship to money so that you can finally heal your money story and start living from a place of empowerment!

gain back your freedom. i'm going to show you actionable steps that helped me go from 6-figure debt to 6-figure success, without compromising the time spent doing the things i love. you can have more of whatever you want, whether that be time or money...and let me clear: you can have both, and more! great sex, success, money. this course will show you how.

are you ready to drop the unworthiness and step into the energy of abundance?


consider this: money isn’t withholding your feelings from you. you are withholding them from yourself as a way to hold onto the pattern of outsourcing your worthiness.

let that sink in, and then think about how much power that gives back to you. if the only barrier to living a life of abundance is YOU, well then that means that the only thing in the way of changing your fucking life is...well you guessed it, doing the work!

are money troubles real? absolutely! the wounding we face in our relationship to money is just as real as the wounding we face in our romantic relationships. and just as possible to learn to heal, even if it can be challenging at first. this course is for you if you want to live, to invest, and to move from a place of abundance (instead of scarcity), i know it can be scary. i know it can be a stretch.
but i also know that you can trust yourself. and the future you will be grateful you started today.

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this is a course about shame. this is a course about love, stories, healing, self-empowerment, and personal responsibility.

this is a course about awareness, grief, forgiveness, gratitude.

this is a course about expansion, about joy, about alignment, about co-creation, about momentum, about intention, about intimacy, about grace, about desire.

this is a course about time. this is a course about relationship, about entropy, about codependency, about resistance, about challenging toxic productivity culture. this is a course about quantum shifts.

this is a course about sex and this is a course about money.

💸 i'm ready 💸


because i can tell you now. the money you desire is on the other side of your need to be liked. o, sure. you can make money playing by someone else’s rules. by being sugar and spice and everything nice. following the script. being seen and not heard. performing the role of some other version of yourself.
but you either won’t keep that money — or you will burn out — or you won’t get to enjoy having it. and in any of those scenarios, you won’t really be happy. because *that* feels like WORK. heavy work. like bartering your time for paper. like “selling your soul.” like a contracted, truncated way of being. and that kind of “work” isn’t how you shift your relationship to money.
but (i promise) you *can* receive the cash without the pandering. without worrying what people will think. without asking permission.
you can receive it.
you can keep it.
you can spend it.
you can grow it.
you can enjoy it.
✨ let me teach you how! ✨

money doesn’t need to see a signed permission slip. the only requirement is that you drop your resistance to it.





3-day challenge (3 x 60-minute videos)

money is not withholding something from you, You are withholding something from you. this 3-day challenge is a crash course into the work. we will be diving into during the course. it's an opening to a version of yourself that is not attached to scarcity.

go for rich 3-day accelerator (3 x 60-minute videos)

this is the work i used while: paying off all of my debt, running a 6-figure business (in well under a year), having substantial savings, working less and having a greater impact, using money as a force for good in the world through my purchases, hires, donations, and investments. 

sex & money (6 x 1 hour videos + a bonus 7th module!)

this is my flagship course. it is a powerful transmission that can change lives, and has done so, over and over again (see some examples of this here!) i believe that life is an infinite opportunity to make love to the divine. sex & money is therefore a 6-week course into the truth of the truth. into heart-opening, mind-blowing, life-affirming that you can learn from love. learn to receive. learn for the good of everyone connected to you. what do you have to lose? and what do you lose by waiting?

access to an intimate online community (available immediately on purchase)

wild embodiment is a vibrant online community, open to anyone who has purchased any of my courses. there, you can browse months of video content, participate in challenges, and meet like-minded people. there are also weekly q&as that provide a rare opportunity to receive free coaching and insight from me. all new offers will be released there first, and WE community members receive unique prices and payment options.

weekly journaling prompts (with cute downloadable pdfs!) 

sex & money has weekly journaling prompts to encourage you to dive deeper into the work and reflect on what you've learned. plus we made some really cute downloads that you can print off for this, because we know you all love your downloadable journals!

✨ let's go for rich! ✨


hi, for those of you who don't know me, i'm rae dohar. let me tell you a little about where i come from. i grew up in a loving home with a very broken mentality around money. so i believed: money was "the root of all evil,"  that i was incapable of making or managing my own money, that money was something i had to work hard for, that i was a victim to the fates, and money just came and went mercilessly... and more!

i had 5-figure credit debt into my 30s. i didn't even know anyone in my family who didn't have debt. it had never occurred to me that it was possible to live another way. until eventually, i thought...but what if it IS possible?

why not me?
why not now?

and so i started the journey of healing my relationship to money. it wasn't overnight. but eventually, i realized that money was an energy. just like s-x. just like love. a tool that could be used for evil, of course. but could also be used for growth, healing, joy, bliss.
and there's only one real indicator of how someone uses their money.

learning this completely changed my life. and i want to share it with you. all of it. the mindset work. the heart-opening. the energetics. so if you're ready to join me in living a life of abundance, then this is the right course for you!


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+ 3-day challenge
+ 3-day go for rich accelerator
+ 6-week sex & money course 
+ bonus 7th module added this year!
+ journaling prompts for further learning
+ access to vibrant online community
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