a six-week invitation to wake up every day feeling madly in love with your life.

you bored dude?
because when we’re bored, and i can attest, we are prone to making up some truly wack ass shit. like horror stories to occupy our minds. shit like:
😱 i’ll never meet anyone better than my ex.
😱 how will i ever pay for XYZ?😱i’m too (old, young, stupid, tall, whatever) to do XYZ.
😱 there’s no way i can make more money than i’m making now.
😱 i can’t change XYZ about myself or my life because (insert history, identity, human design, or astrological chart here).
watch out steven king, cause the real terrors live inside your fucking head.
but really, the thing about watching season 52 of WORST CASE SCENARIO? it kind of all ends the same...
right right, blah blah blah, and then no one will love me and i will lose everything and i will die alone in a rainy ditch. aaaagain. 🥱 🥱 🥱 and now we’re right back where we started. bored.
but have you ever thought that maybe you’re bored because you’re living a life that’s several sizes too small? that maybe as a result of underselling yourself and your gifts, your mind is literally creating drama from nowhere to try to shake you awake?
what if instead of the drama (which is actually boring af), you used that same filmmaker in your mind to craft gorgeous stories about the life and love and wealth YOU CAME HERE FOR?
what if you trained that brilliant mind of yours to serve you visions of the BEST case scenarios? like wilder than your wildest dreams, and more exciting than your darkest nightmares?
AND THEN. what if you spent the rest of your day actually BECOMING the you that you saw in your head?
would you still be bored? would you still have energy left over to create endless ways to torture yourself?
or would you be so fully engaged, so completely in love with your own becoming, that all of that garbage would fall away?
scarcity is. and always will be. fucking boring.
it’s not going to change just because you’re attached to it. but limitlessness?
that’s some excitement.
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if you don't believe in the potential for a better future, you will always be re-enacting your past




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