sex is a creative energy.

money is an amplification energy.

and if i can show you how to tap into these two infinite energies, and if we can plug you into your highest expression of self, there’s very legitimately nothing you can’t do.

drawing from meditative practices, emotional intelligence work, embodiment tools, mindset techniques, eastern philosophy, and western science, this work is designed to help you shed all that you are not so that you may be born into all that you are. 




over 8 hours of video content, journaling prompts, and practices you can actually implement, like right now.

this is a mind and heart crash course designed to plug you directly into your Becoming and create the life and the love of your desires.

i'm ready to thrive!


starting from $4500

an intimate journey of guided meditation, loving awareness, 
and 1:1 coaching to reawaken your animal heart and bring out your inner magic.

available remote or in-person! (in Mexico)

this is an opportunity to step away from your day-to-day and dive deep into the layers of your awareness and mindset work, with rae guiding you through the proccess.

this is SO what i'm looking for


the journaling experience

more than a notebook, sexy self love is a healing template, an act of resistance, and a pleasure map toward your animal heart. it includes a guided workbook full of journaling exercises, information, and simple (but intense) practices to connect with the depths of your erotic divinity.

that's my kind of thang


$5000 per month
3 x months minimum

this high level, quantum container is rooted in self-empowerment and personal responsibility. it is for individuals who are already well-versed in awareness work, and who are ready to dive deeply into their own becoming. it is not 101 level work. it is for those who are willing to take radical responsibility for their thoughts, words, actions, and impact. this is the most transformative, most intimate way to work with rae. 

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this course, (previously only available. to my 1:1 clients) is a little bit of everything that i offer. it's a true awakening that has the power to awaken your true inner self!

over the space of six weeks, i'll introduce you to my signature method for meditation and manifestation and offer step-by-step practices that you can use daily to experience reliable, sustainable, and measurable results!

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sex & money is a powerful transmission that will truly change lives (and already has). more than a course, it's a guide to forget everything you (think you) know about money.

including seven modules available immediately upon purchase, plus a 3-day accelerator go for rich, and a bonus 3-day challenge, this is an abundant offering designed to help you own the richness that you are!

teach me how to manifest abundance!